Detailed Summary of Why, How and What


Computers and software provide excellent opportunities to connect our world in ways never before possible, automate the mundane so that we can have more fulfilling lives, expand the extraordinary to create more meaningful experiences, and reach for our highest potential.


By learning the processes and elements of software development and creating applications and sites that bring people together, streamline tasks, add value and provide a quality experience.


Build software, applications and sites that expand opportunities and work toward a future that we can all believe in.

My Learning Style


  • Visual: %
  • Tactile: %
  • Auditory: %


Quantitative Accomplishments

  • Organized, trained and certified dozens of Lifeguards and coaches in Red Cross First Aid and Water Safety.
  • Designed an advertising and public outreach campaign that quintupled the number of athletes on New Mexico's flagship Aquatic Center's swim team.
  • Organized and processed 5 years of backdated corporate financial information into a tax filing and audit ready format.

Qualitative Accomplishments

  • Detail Oriented: I thrive on organizing information and honing in on the factors that predict relationships and outcomes. The draw back to this is that I can dwell so heavily on the details that I lose sight of efficiency and necessity.
  • Analytical: I aspire to approach most things with logic, relying less on intuition and feeling and more on systematic deduction. Sometimes this facts-based approach can come off as insensitive and so empathy has increasingly become important to how I deliver my findings.
  • Critical Thinking: I work tirelessly to have a disciplined, rational and objective mindset. I have found that focusing on solving problems can result in over-thinking and seeing problems where none exist or blowing them out of proportion.

Experience in Tech

Experience in Technology Diagram