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I'm Brandon Huffman, a Web Developer whose versatile background gives me the skills I need to hit the ground running in the software industry. My experiences give me an edge in being adaptable and solving problems whether it be from creating non-profit organizations from the ground up, developing highly competitive athletes, bookkeeping for small businesses or building unique websites and databases. I love working with teams to construct the solutions and software they need to reach their goals and better their lives.


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Detail Oriented

From fine tuning swimmers technique, developing detailed training strategies, combing through financial statements, or sifting through 501(c)(3) laws, I am used to diving deep into the details where even the the most minute one can be crucial to success.

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I've developed strong problem solving skills from forecasting the economy for my bachelors degree, evaluating sports teams strengths and weaknesses in coaching, and finding ways to communicate meaningfully with clients to benefit their business.

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Web Developer

Thanks to my recent graduation from the Deep Dive Coding Full Stack Web Development boot camp my knowledge has expanded to include all the programming languages I need to build websites and databases. I've ranked them below from my strongest to weakest (left to right).

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A website designed to support the local ABQ art community and help users find local art and artists that interest them!
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What it Means to be British

A site including a brief history of the British that showcases how I can quickly build an attractive websites just using Bootstrap.
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Professional Development

My professional development site that includes more details about me and my weekly reflections for the Deep Dive Fullstack Web boot camp.
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Choice App

In development, but once completed it will help users break down complex problems into a list of priorities, rate them by how they will affect their lives, and then use an algorithm to score their options. Inspired by the now privatized ChoiceMap app. Decision making is critical to everyone so it's use case is global!
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